Presidential System

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Why We Need To Pay Attention To Tharoor's Push for Presidential-Type City Governments

India's cities are a mess because local governments are totally inept and unaccountable. The 74th Amendment's attempt more than 20 years ago to establish urban local bodies as institutions of self-government has failed. But now there is hope. This month, without fanfare, Shashi Tharoor introduced a Bill in Parliament to fix these ailments. It goes right to the heart of the matter.

Ambedkar's 'United States of India'

Hidden in the annals of India's Constituent Assembly is Ambedkar's real vision for India's Constitution. He labelled it 'United States of India' and the proposal was in line with his longstanding opposition to the parliamentary form of government. Had they been adopted, Ambedkar's ideas would have altered the character of the final Constitution, and changed India's destiny.
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Why India Needs The Presidential System: Repelling Authoritarianism [Book Excerpt]

For a nation to prosper, its political system must foster a national vision, ensure fairness and encourage participation. India's parliamentary system fails to deliver any of these ingredients. A great people are languishing because of a poor choice made in their system of government. Why India Needs The Presidential System by Bhanu Dhamija seeks to show that its powers are severely and irreversibly out of balance. And why a US-type system if applied to India will deliver better governance and a healthier polity.