Presidential Election

The America I Know, The Humanity I Kno

I start to write this as I sit in a coffee shop in a mall in India. It's early August. The monsoon is ending, but it feels like the beginning. The heavens have favoured this parched land, and the earth and leaves appear nourished, refreshed and renewed. It has been difficult to avoid another spectacular deluge taking place on the other side of the world -- the dissonant downpour of the US Presidential election. I am protected by a loyal umbrella: my unshakable faith in humanity.

No, America's Presidential System Is Not Doomed

Lately, the detractors of the American system have been out in full force. Last month, as soon as the Republicans took a stand on the Supreme Court appointment, a leading liberal magazine published an article titled 'Is America's Presidential System Doomed?' However, I believe that far from being doomed, America's presidential form of government is the secret to her success.