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Why Are So Many Humanities Students Activists?

Humanities students in India mainly study history, political science, philosophy, economics, sociology, anthropology and literature. If you think about it, what they study is the way in which the world came to be what it is today, and how it works. Everyone discusses social, political, cultural and other issues. But discussing issues and studying them are two different things.
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'So Many Villages Have Been Electrified'. Here Is the Problem With Saying That

According to the Ministry of Power, "A village will be deemed to be electrified if electricity is used in the inhabited locality within the revenue boundary of the village for any purpose whatsoever." In essence, an electrified village doesn't mean that all the people living in it are able to use that electricity. That is like saying that everybody must be well fed in a town just because there's a shop that sells food.

Feeling The Power Of Words At The Jaipur Lit Fest

Writing is by its very nature an optimistic and isolated act -- sitting with your pen and paper or typewriter or laptop in a world of your own and hoping that what you are creating will resonate with readers. By the looks of a festival like the JLF, the largest free literary festival in the world, that continues to grow and share this evident love for words year after year, it is safe to say that stories and storytellers are safe...