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6 Reasons Why The Porn Ban Makes No Sense

The recent government decision to ban porn sites has had a castrating effect on many people, yours truly included. As I write this, it is fifteen past midnight and in another laptop window, YouPorn is playing. I am in Hyderabad, and at present, the site is running unhindered here. Thanks to the government for small mercies! But is it true that porn is hurting our society? What is the evidence of that?
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The Sleazy Side Of Social Media

They say you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his Twitter account -- who he follows and who follow him. (OK, I just made that up. But I am certain such a truism will be in circulation soon enough.) Anyway, the first picture I noticed on my friend's page was that of a naked woman: a nice, flat abdomen, and bare breasts. Breasts? I checked again. They were breasts all right.