Barry Kusuma

I’m Celebrating All Life With A Vegan Eid

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is the easiest way for Muslims to live in accordance with the ethical, environmental and health precepts of Islam, which is why I'll be celebrating Eid with my loved ones at a table full of vegan dishes, such as vegetable samosas and pakoras, spinach potato cutlets, dairy-free halwa, falafels and veg dum biryani.
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Clearing Up All The Bull Around Jallikattu

Now that the Supreme Court of India has confirmed a ban on Jallikattu -- a cruel male entertainment popular in some parts of Tamil Nadu, in which bulls are deliberately chased -- frightened and tormented, proponents of the “sport” are claiming it is somehow essential to the preservation of native cattle breeds. What a bunch of bull!

It Takes A Really Small Man To Derive Pleasure From Jallikattu

They purposely disorient the bulls by force-feeding them alcohol; twist and bite their tails; stab and jab them with sickles, spears, knives and sticks; cause them intense pain by yanking their nose ropes; and punch, jump on and drag them to the ground. What is fair, let alone remotely masculine, about this deliberate weakening of animals? It's disgusting and shameful, not macho in the slightest.