Peshawar School Attack

One More Time Peshawar?

A lone dead star, darker than the darkest Stood guard in a pale wintry Peshawar.. While evil slipped in after scaling the walls Before turning the masjid of little angels Into crimson and gore. The...

Pakistan's Planned Execution Of Militants A Gimmick

However, Pakistan's problem in tackling militant groups in its backyard emits from its very own institutions. The constant battles between the civilian government and the Pakistani Army with its intelligence wing, the ISI, to clip each other's wings and dominate Islamabad's policies, specifically towards India, are taking a toll.

A Message To Those Who Said NO To #Indiawithpakistan

Many like me used the hashtag #IndiawithPakistan on social media. This perhaps was our only way of reaching out to a grieving nation. But to those who have questioned this support--No, it does not in any way mean we are standing with the ISI or the Pakistani army or the terror emitting out of a country, it means we are standing up for humanity and against terror.

And Then They Came For Our Children...

But instead of looking the monsters in the eye and calling them out for what they really were, we let them into our mosques, our markets and our homes. It was only a matter of time before they came for our children too. And now in their tiny coffins, lie their dead bodies and our dead souls.
FAROOQ NAEEM via Getty Images

From Peshawar In Blood...

Peshawar watched in wordless grief--what is the word for pain that assails ordinary mortals when there are 141 funerals in one day? From just one location. Of children. Of teenagers. Of teachers. Of those who had harmed no one. Of dreams severed brutally. Of lives cut short. Of bodies that were charred. Of faces that were unrecognizable.