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Bringing Up The Next-Gen Baby

No, I am not about to take a stance on whether or not women can have it all. We can all lean in or bend back or sway like the reeds on the banks of the Limpopo in the face of migrating hordes. But, in the meantime, I am totally marvelling over how we are raising the next-gen baby, as opposed to the next-gen baba, if you get my drift, and what it means for our economy.

The Mole Near My Lips And Other Flaws That Cause Divorce

Recently I read, in a newspaper no less, that a woman was divorcing her husband a week into the marriage because he had poor table manners. I gasped when I read the article and then doubled over in laughter. I wondered, have we really stooped to such lows in our quest to achieve perfection in everything in our lives? Is imperfection that bad? Why is it difficult to be happy with what we have, flaws and all?