Resolutions For Pakistan On Independence Day

Instead of opening a history book or sitting down with their grandparents to hear stories from that time, many Pakistanis have decided to look into the present and plan for the future. They believe that making resolutions will help them focus on what to do to make this country a prosperous one. According to many, it is better to make the youth plan the future instead of teaching them how to sing patriotic songs like, which only stir patriotic sentiments on 14 August every year.
Rattikankeawpun via Getty Images

I Love You India, Potholes And All

My sceptical friends point out to me that I am blind to all the faults in the country, but I do see them, I really do. It's just that I feel India is like my mother, and so what if you don't have the coolest mother in the world? It's like in school you always feel the other person's mom is cooler and you go home and tell yours, "Mummy, next time, could you maybe wear nicer sunglasses like Diva's mom?" But that doesn't mean I love Diva's mother more.