The Parliament Logjam Is Costing India Millions Of Jobs, Investment Dollars

The CII has spearheaded a petition with over 15,000 signatories prevailing upon parliamentarians to carry out their legislative responsibilities so that the country can move ahead with urgently needed economic reforms. GST is one such key legislation, which needs to be enacted. The implementation of this crucial tax reform can add 1% to India's GDP growth. Apart from this, there are a number of other legislations that are urgently needed to kick-start our economy.

Time Is Running Out For Key Legislations This Parliament Session

Marked divergence of opinion across the political spectrum, especially on economic matters, has become a characteristic feature of our democracy. This has polarized our domestic polity to the extent that legislative proceedings of the monsoon session are now in a logjam and passage of key economic bills are held up. Estimates indicate that the national exchequer is losing Rs 2 crores a day due to parliamentary disruptions.