Paris Attack

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A Joint Coalition Force May Be The Only Way To Take Down ISIS

The US, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries in the Middle East should join hands to fight ISIS. The first step should be to send troops to Iraq to neutralise ISIS. Once this is accomplished, they should help the present government in Iraq in adopting an inclusive policy where Sunnis are given key roles in the government, and the army personnel, who were ignominiously removed, are reinstated. These are not easy tasks, but it is the only way to restore confidence among Sunnis.

Hell Breaks Loose When People Play God

When one community says my way of life, or my God is better than yours, it's not about God at all. It's about one person or a group of people saying we are better than you. It is not about faith, it's about establishing your superiority as a community.
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Will China Join The Fight Against ISIS? The Answer Lies In The Xinjiang Question

Beijing has been increasingly trying to draw the world's attention towards the threat it is facing from separatist groups in Xinjiang. However, to China's chagrin, the West believes Beijing is only using the perceived threat as justification to intensify their crackdown on the Uighur population. For China to make any meaningful contribution to the US-led anti-terror effort in the Middle East, Washington will have to shed its ambiguity on the Xinjiang question.

Global Disorder And The Idea Of ISIS

ISIS is looking to actively disrupt narratives in the West. If it becomes successful in earning the allegiance of Muslims who are citizens of Europe, then it would be correct to conclude that the potential of the organisation has been greatly underestimated. However, even if ISIS managed to smuggle operatives into Europe from Iraq and Syria, and then coordinated the attacks, the fact will still remain that the abilities of ISIS to formulate such strikes has been either completely missed by intelligence agencies or vastly under-realised by the political establishment.