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Mom, Are You Feelin' Groovy?

What if we don't get trapped in hollow buzzwords like "me time" that offer respite similar to Leisure Hour for prisoners? Instead let all hours be ours, so that we get to decide how we loan them out to others -- to our family, friends, co-workers. What if we stopped the running roster of things-others-need-to-do alongside our own list of things-to-do and what if we learned to keep the lists separate?
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Parenting And The Myth Of Anger Management

When I was growing up, I vividly remember my mom once saying, "I thought I'd never get angry at my child, but look at what you just made me do?" So right then I knew that the never-getting-angry-at-kids thing does not work. Thanks mom! Mom hadn't read any parenting books. In fact, I doubt the term "parenting" had been coined yet. You didn't spend hours on the internet researching behavioural milestones and you certainly didn't spare a second thought to the "tight scolding" you just gave.

My One Piece Of Advice For New Moms

Being a mother is not a joyride and it is not something we thank god for every day. Real life rarely resembles those corny baby product advertisements, in which wide-eyed, fresh-faced mothers in floaty white attire coo and cuddle a cute, clean baby with no iota of crankiness or that "I rule you" air about him or her.

5 Reasons You Should Have A Kid

If you are queasy about bodily stuff, having a kid will cure you for life. You'll be poked, prodded and tweaked by the nurses and doctors, and often without warning. At some point you'll graduate from being outraged to looking out of the window and whistling.
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Living With A Tiny FBI Agent

There was a chink in my answer and the agent has caught on. Half an hour later as I sit down to eat breakfast, the agent is at my elbow again to cross-examine me. A set of eyes watch me very closely to see if I'd falter. I chew slowly--a delaying tactic. The agent is no little fool and repeats the question. I sense an edge to the voice. In sheer panic I attempt a different answer. Big mistake. Now there are two incorrect answers. And the day has just begun.

On Pressing Reset And Letting Go

I was appalled. I thought I had hacked my way out of the maze of regressive beliefs, wielding my many degrees like machetes. It took just one moment of insecurity to undo all the hours spent in Women's Studies Circles and a lifetime with my feminist tribe.