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Bitchy Daughters And Angry Sons: The Turmoil Of Raising A Teenager

Never believe anyone who says no kid is born bad. They don't have a clue. The nicest of parents, who get enough sleep and are in full emotional control and work hard at parenting, get the rottenest kids. There will come a point when the twerp whose bottom you wiped a million times, who managed to do targeted projectile vomiting on you and your most expensive dress, whose snot you have cleared using your own hands will tell you to get a life.
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Why I Think It's Criminal To Give A Child False Promises

"If you answer aunty properly, she will give you a chocolate! She has a nice big chocolate in her bag," the mother says as I try to begin a session with her child. I cringe in my seat. Oh no, not again. In most cases, the parent does not even realize why I am not supporting her statement until I explain my reasons in the counselling session. I sincerely feel that it is criminal to give a child false hopes.

Fairytales And Not-So-Happy Endings: Talking To Kids About Terror

This Thursday is the seventh anniversary of the ghastly day on which Mumbai was mercilessly attacked by a bunch of spineless men who succeeded in terrorising and breaking the heart of our vibrant metropolis. The Paris attacks remind us once again of how vulnerable we all are to the evils of this world. If your children are at an age where they are aware of the senseless atrocities that took place this month or at any other time, it is likely that they will ask questions.