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The 5 Stages Of Pregnancy And Birth -- For A Father

Great, you're expecting! This has to be amazing news. Both of you are excited beyond words, and suddenly everywhere you turn, you can't help but notice expectant couples. You personally want to shout out the news from the top of a very high building, but you do somehow keep the news to only immediate family/friends. You dote on your partner and are available at her beck and call. Her tiniest ooh, her smallest aah has you in a flurry of concern.

Why Hope Springs Eternal For A Parent

When the baby is in his or her mother's womb, as tiny as the nail on your pinky finger, you hope he or she blooms into a beautiful and healthy human being. When they eventually emerge into the world, you believe that nothing on this planet could make you wish for anything else, materialistic or otherwise. Ha! You wish!