The Canard Of The Shia-Sunni War In The Middle East

Ever since the execution of Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia, the retaliatory attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the subsequent diplomatic and trade cut off between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the media has reported widely on the Shia-Sunni divide. But how relevant is this? Are we really witnessing a Shia-Sunni division in Middle East?

The Two 'Nakbas' Of November For Palestine

"Al-Nakba" is an Arabic word meaning "the catastrophe". Sixty-eight years ago, on 29 November, 1947, the UN Security Council rolled out Resolution 181 on Palestine, putting wheels on a runaway train that continues to mow down Arabs and Jews alike. By legitimising Israel's declaration of independence a year later, this resolution marked the first Nakba of November for Palestinian Arabs. The second Nakba of November took place 73 years before 1947, with the birth of one Chaim Weizmann in a small village near Pinsk, Russia...
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EXCLUSIVE: We Are Doing What We Can To Release Indians In ISIS Captivity, Says Palestine's Ambassador To India

In the wake of the brutal Paris attacks, Palestine's influence with ISIS could be pivotal, not least in mediating the release of Indian captives held by the terrorist organisation in Iraq. In a no-holds-barred interview, Palestine's Ambassador to India, HE Adnan Abualhaija, hits out at the global media for ignoring crimes against Palestinians by an Israeli government controlled by ultra-right wing groups, Israel's avowed reluctance for a two-state solution, the "Judaizing" of Jerusalem and India's growing ties with Israel seen against Palestine's influence in the Arab world.

What It Means To Normalise Relations With Israel

Palestinian voices seem to be relatively absent in India today except when being described in AP reports about "violence" or "terrorism". It makes me think of Martin Luther King Jr.'s aphorism that "violence in the language of the unheard". And yet even with the escalation of violence in Palestine, why is it so hard for us to listen to Palestinians in the India of today?
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Saudi-Israeli Secret Talks And Joint Diplomacy

Ostensibly, both Saudi Arabia and Israel are worried about a nuclear Iran because they see the latter has having expansionist imperial ambitions. Of course, like everybody else in the neighbourhood Iran has proxy groups but perhaps it is not the existential threat posed by a nuclear Iran that worries the Saudis and Israelis as much as the fact that a sanction-free Iran would perhaps be Asia's fastest growing economy with its natural gas, oil and mineral deposits coupled with a highly educated young population.

Questioning History

"In May 1948 Ben Gurion declared the independence of the new state of Israel. It was immediately attacked by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon". But a good student of history would ask: Israel declared its independence from whom? From their British partners who, at least initially, trained them militarily and politically? From the Palestinians who did not have the military advantages and materiel that the European Jews had access to?