Rang Raaz

‘Rang Raaz’: A Love Story That’s ‘Too Dangerous’ To Find Formal Funding In Pakistan

Hamza Bangash’s ‘Rang Raaz’ revolves around a Hindu-Muslim couple that makes a bold decision to elope one night. What sets this film apart from any of its predecessors made in Bollywood or Pakistan? It dares to challenge the stereotypes that exist in our country. In a country with a Muslim majority, Rang Raaz doesn't settle with a clichéd route. For one, the male protagonist is a Hindu and the female one a Muslim…

‘Mabel Aur Mein’: A Pakistani Battle Of The Sexes

Last week, I was mentally fatigued after watching two Pakistani films back-to-back. It was an excruciating night for me. However, the wounds were filled by a group of students from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Yes, I really mean it. This remarkable group has adapted Patras Bokhari's essay Mabel Aur Mein into a 40-minute film about the intellectual rivalry between a man and woman.