Faisal Mahmood / Reuters

A.S. Dulat Is Wrong, Dialogue Won't Solve The Kashmir Problem

In a recent interview to The Wire, former RAW chief A.S. Dulat suggested that the only way to solve the Kashmir imbroglio is through dialogue, not aggression. I submit that Mr. Dulat's statements in this context are meaningless clichés and platitudes. They are totally superficial, and reflect little understanding of the realities of the Kashmir problem. Those who think that mere political dialogue can resolve the Kashmir problem are living in a fool's paradise. They do not know what is really happening. So, let me explain.
Danish Ismail / Reuters

A Few Questions On Kashmir, If You Will Permit Us To Ask

If I am thus troubled, and say we must find a way to deal with Kashmir and its people with empathy and understanding, and better crowd control methods, and minimize the use of the pellet gun in the face of protests, as I would say if this were done in any other state that is an integral part of India, say Orissa or Bengal, Punjab or Gujarat, how do I suddenly become pro-Pakistan and a traitor?

Why We Need To Hold The Praise For Pakistan's ‘Arrest' Of Masood Azhar

There are some warm feelings for Pakistan in India, following our neighbour's arrest of Maulana Masood Azhar and 12 other suspects in the Pathankot terror attack. However, I would like to argue that it's too premature to be so jubilant. There's a very high possibility of this action turning into a routine formality or political eyewash. Further, I argue that this must be the last chance for Pakistan to prove its credibility.