Organic Farming

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This Healthy Obsession Is Revitalizing Lives Across Kerala

On a recent visit to Kerala, the change sweeping across the state and rapidly turning into a way of life for many was palpable. Everywhere in God's Own Country, people are using the backyards of their homes, terraces, rooftops and any other available space to produce several varieties of vegetables and fruits that not only provide tasty meals but are reassuringly free of pesticides and toxic chemicals.
Varun Santhosh

Sikkim Organic Mission: Why We Need To Dig Deeper

There's been a lot of buzz recently about Sikkim becoming a completely organic state. The state government has won kudos from many quarters, from being featured on the popular TV show  Satyamev Jayate to being effusively praised by PM Modi. While there is no doubt that Sikkim is one of better governed small states in India, a more balanced view has been missing from the general discourse.

Podcast: The Origins Of Organic Food And Why We Should Take It More Seriously

The science of nutrition is, and always has been, a confounding mess. Are carbohydrates good or bad? Do you really need to banish fat from your diet? Can salt actually cause irreparable harm? The answer to these questions changes every few years. Add to this the plethora of diets that keep coming in and going out of fashion every few months, and you're left confused about what really is healthy. However, the one trend that has been consistent is the organic food movement.