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A Realistic Approach To Online Learning Could Do Wonders For Skilling India

Today, India is home to more than 365 million youth with immense potential to fast-track its growth. The National Policy for Skill Development (NPSD), 2009 has espoused a target of 500 million trained youth by 2022. The recent developments in online learning come after realization of the fact that lack of education infrastructure, up-to-date course curricula and qualified teachers are some of the main reasons behind the unskilled white collared workforce in the country.
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50 Online Learning Tools That Will Keep The Kids Sharp All Summer

While you should not leave your kids alone with devices for hours at a stretch, neither is it correct to assume that all technology use will "fry their brains". With some involvement and intervention from you, you can use technology as a tool to not only engage your child but also nurture their curiosity and desire to learn. We've done some research for you and zeroed in on a list of 50 technology tools (all tried and tested by us) for your kids to explore this summer.
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From Takshashila To Bengaluru: Transforming Education In India

Rooted in a rich tradition of teaching and learning methodologies, India drew countless students many hundreds of years ago. However, we couldn't sustain this stature due to lack of innovation, sluggish regulations in the system and political motives which eventually resulted in hordes of graduates moving to the US and UK to get specialised in subjects that India was not able to offer. However, now, thanks to technology, India is becoming an education hub all over again.