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Why India Must Keep This International Tax Reform On Top Of BRICS Summit Agenda

You are probably aware that loopholes in the international financial system let corporations and wealthy individuals get out of paying their fair share of taxes. You might even know that there are some significant reforms taking place to try and close the gaps in the system. But did you know that these reforms aren’t being discussed in a global forum where everyone can participate? This year, BRICS countries are in a unique position to show leadership on a proposal that developing countries have been demanding for years.

India to Grow Faster Than China, Says IMF; But Slow Down The Celebrations

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected India's growth to leapfrog that of China by 2016, and the report has gained wide press. But this report, in our opinion, is no reason for India to celebrate. The first and the most obvious argument behind our assertion is that the numbers released by the IMF show little more than China's decline. India's ascent cannot be stated as convincingly.