Rant Of An Odia

Some people look so bewildered when I tell them that I originally belong to Cuttack that I genuinely feel sorry for them. They ask, "Accha, woh kaha padta hai (Where is that)?” Some others react as if I said Winterfell, and yet others, fearing my wrath, retort behind my back, "Bengal's poor cousin!" So, yes, suffice it to say that I have serious reservations about the literacy rate projected in the 2011 Census.

An Innovation That's Bringing An Online Revolution In The Odia Language

Though it is difficult to measure the exact percentage of growth of online Odia-language content on the internet, there's been a significant change in the past six months. Almost all the federal entities that were stuck with two non-Unicode encoding systems finally moved to Unicode, with official portal odia.odisha.gov.in including adoption of Unicode in their core policy.