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Is Your Bowl Of Cornflakes A Sugar Bomb?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many of us wake up every morning looking forward to a bowl of cornflakes or some other cereal. That's because we have been told that cereals are a healthy breakfast, and a great way to start the day. But is that bowl of cereal (usually eaten with milk and sugar) really the best way to kick-start your day? I'm not too sure about that.
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Banning Junk Food Is Not The Fix-All For India’s Childhood Obesity Problem

Recently, while strolling in an upscale Delhi mall with a friend, I spotted a young mother with a crying child. Then I overheard the flustered woman saying in Hindi, “Don’t cry… I’ll fetch you a burger right now.” Soon, the kid was quiet, gobbling down a burger and swigging a cold drink. Such scenes are not uncommon in urban environments. We think nothing of it when we see toddlers and young children munching on chips or other junk food.
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Fat Shaming Is Bad, So Is Obesity OK?

"Fardeen Khan gives a fitting response to the trolls who fat-shamed him"..."Amy Schumer has the perfect comeback for the jerk who fat-shamed her"... These are the types of headlines we see every single day. If you happen to read the comments on these posts, you will see that they are, predictably, heavily divided. On the one side, we have the "you do you!" supporters and on the other side, we have the extremely concerned "fat is bad" folks.