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Brexit And The Global Distrust Of Difference

Great civilizations arise from the confluence of different cultures. Sadly, recent trends suggest that there is an inward turn amongst people of various countries and indeed religions right across the world. Increasing financial insecurity, political short-sightedness and social instability inevitably create an atmosphere in which scapegoats are sought and pegs desperately searched for in order to find someone to blame. The most recent example of this was the Brexit vote in the UK, but by no means is this something that is anomalous.

Modi, Obama and Healthcare: A Tale of Two Leaders

India performs poorly on healthcare, ranking even below Bangladesh and Nepal with public spending on health amongst the lowest in the world. "BJP accords high priority to health sector, which is crucial for securing the economy" stated the manifesto for the 2014 general elections. However, instead of increasing spending on healthcare, the government slashed nearly 20% (or 948 million dollars) from the 2014-2015 healthcare budget.
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The Awfully Unromantic Taj Mahal

India sulked when the Obamas skipped the Taj Mahal during their recent visit here. But really, I'm tired of famous people posing with that marble tomb as their endorsement of the idea that it somehow is the ultimate icon of romance. Because the story of how and why Emperor Shah Jahan built this monument for his deceased wife, Mumtaz Mahal, is anything but romantic.