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Paying Our Debt To The Forgotten Overseas Indian

Though the Middle East provides ample room for every overseas worker to make his fair share of wealth, it is often at the cost of said worker's self-esteem, and in certain cases -- human rights. Unlike their compatriots living "the dream", overseas Indians in the Gulf are not treated at par with the locals and Westerners despite their loyalty, years (often decades) of service, stake in national development (of their host country) and permanent residency cards.
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The Price Of An NRI's ‘Privilege'

If I live in India again will I get it all back? Will it be the same as it was before? Even if I rediscover the ability to push my car through small spaces with a staid face, will I be able to erase the immutable changes my mind has undergone over the last one and a half decades and revert it to its pre-immigration state? Will I be at home or will I this time around look for home in American movies?
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Why I Decided To Return Swades

For the 'well-paying' job (and the associated 'good quality life'), most of us give up most other considerations. It would be foolish of course to belittle the importance of money, but it is also ill-advised to give it too much weight. Understanding this subtle truth is the sine qua non for ensuring that the big choices of life stay choices, not bargains.
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Between Two States

There is hardly a month when a friend doesn't call to whine about his hectic life in the States. "I hate travelling to work in the snow every day," one says. Another complains about the expensive health insurance plans. My father smugly reminds them that they chose to live the American dream--which seems to have evaporated in the recent years.

A True Indian

I just want my fellow Indians in India to know that I haven't run away from roots and culture. I do care. And I know I will come back one day to give them the immense amount of love they have given me during the few years that I lived there. I can't wait to return and be coloured in saffron again.