Top 3 Reasons Why The Indian Stock Market Crashed

A few days ago the United Nations pinned India as the fasted growing economy of the world. But if everything is so peachy, then why did the Nifty index break the 7000-level, which was last seen in the pre-Modi era? Are the reforms going haywire or are the policies not hitting the right chord? Well, it is neither. Here are the three critical reasons that explain the massive sell-off in India.

Why A Bad Bank Is A Good Idea

Niti Aayog vice chairman Arvind Panagariya in a recent interview mooted the idea of a "bad bank", essentially a financial institution set up to hold and manage non-performing assets (NPA) acquired from other banks. It is like an isolation ward to prevent the spread of an infectious disease. Opponents to the idea have come up with the arguments that it is unwarranted and will transmit negative signals and create moral hazards. Here's why I think they are wrong.