Non-Resident Indians


Indians Working In Gulf Countries Are 10 Times More Likely To Die Than Those In The US

More than seven million Indians currently live and work in the oil-rich Gulf nations. The vast majority of them are in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait while the others are spread across Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Unfortunately for them (and their families), foreign lands have not ensured a brighter future. A recent IndiaSpend analysis has highlighted some rather dark and gloomy drawbacks associated with working in the Gulf region.
Miten Lapsiya

An Anthem From 'Deewar' For The Indian Living Abroad

Parties I go to, I get tired of the intense questioning I'm subjected to. Where you live? What kind of car do you drive? How much do you make annually? These questions are employed to find out enough so that you can be placed in the category of rich (winner) or poor (loser). It's not a subtle investigation. Basically, they want to want to know "Tumhare paas kya hain?"
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Between Two States

There is hardly a month when a friend doesn't call to whine about his hectic life in the States. "I hate travelling to work in the snow every day," one says. Another complains about the expensive health insurance plans. My father smugly reminds them that they chose to live the American dream--which seems to have evaporated in the recent years.

A True Indian

I just want my fellow Indians in India to know that I haven't run away from roots and culture. I do care. And I know I will come back one day to give them the immense amount of love they have given me during the few years that I lived there. I can't wait to return and be coloured in saffron again.