Nitish Kumar Bihar Elections

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Why Bihar Verdict Matters For The Future Of India

The elections in Bihar witnessed unprecedented attempts by none other than the Prime Minister to polarise the entire country to win a state. Never before has a Prime Minister addressed 30 rallies for an election just in one state. Never before has a Prime Minister so unabashedly declared his intent to ensure the benefit of reservations do not reach "a particular community". Never before has positive affirmation been so negatively used.
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Why The Upcoming Election In Bihar Is Critical For The State And Beyond

Additionally, the government has shown some early signs of weakening the democratic fabric of the nation. Increasingly, the government at the centre is being seen as non-consultative, and as having little regard for alternate opinion. It is disheartening to note that for a country that took pride in debates and being argumentative, this totalitarian approach makes one feel there is little or no room left for dissent in this country.