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In the wake of Charlottesville, Americans can learn a lot by looking at lessons learned from anti-fascism fights past, such as Britain's <a href="" target="_blank">Battle of Cable Street</a>.

If You Want To Understand Anti-Fascist Movements, You Need To Know This History

NORTHAMPTON, England ―In the wake of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Aug. 12, there has been a growing public interest with the anti-fascist movement. Anti-fascism is as ol...
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Brexit Has A Lesson For US Voters: Don't Push The Trump Joke Too Far

Just like the supporters of Brexit, a vast majority of core "Trumpers" are either people from impoverished and disenfranchised White backgrounds with little education, or those with over-the-top nationalist identities who frequently contribute to tensions with migrant communities, or participate in race or religious bias, and with a history for preference of segregation. So, what you can do is this -- break your vow of moderate silence, and take a leaf out of Trump's orange bird nest. Be loud.
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Brexit And The Global Distrust Of Difference

Great civilizations arise from the confluence of different cultures. Sadly, recent trends suggest that there is an inward turn amongst people of various countries and indeed religions right across the world. Increasing financial insecurity, political short-sightedness and social instability inevitably create an atmosphere in which scapegoats are sought and pegs desperately searched for in order to find someone to blame. The most recent example of this was the Brexit vote in the UK, but by no means is this something that is anomalous.