MANJUNATH KIRAN via Getty Images

Why Modi's NGO Clampdown Is Bad For India

The first year of Modi Sarkar has been disastrous for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country. Including Greenpeace, about 9000 have had their licences cancelled or suspended for violation of FCRA, the Act that regulates receipt of foreign contributions. The NGOs, meanwhile, are protesting that the action taken by the government has been highly selective and intended to promote development in a particular way. They allege that NGOs close to the ruling party (which also receive foreign contributions) have been left untouched.

Setting The Compass For CSR In India: 5 Key Directions

With the law necessitating certain businesses to grow a conscience for compliance, the philanthropic marketplace in India is suddenly thicker than hair on a dog's back. Demanding miracles from CSR units in such early years is unrealistic. However, fascinating insights and challenges are emerging in its infancy. Gathering some of them in this article may help set the compass.