New Year

Blend Images - Granger Wootz via Getty Images

This New Year, Forget The Kilos And Focus On Shedding This Extra Baggage

While the goal-setting mindset is a great way to approach the New Year, our only hope is that everyone has moved on from "must lose 5 kilos" as the first (or only) resolution. For starters, there's no crash diet that will help you keep the weight off as definitively as regular exercise and a consistently healthy diet. Secondly, there's much heavier excess baggage we can rid ourselves of in 2016.

Letting Go Of The Fear Of Change

If change is the only constant, why are we so scared of it? With every passing moment our cells are dividing to make way for something new. It is not wrong to say that the existing order thrives on the brink of change. Yet, the greatest paradox is that although we know life is in a constant state of flux, society and we ourselves are always seeking stability.