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Maggi Saga Has Happy Ending, But Has The Government Learned A Lesson?

Are the testing standards in India so poor and unreliable that three government-accredited labs was presented different results for the same product? This assumes significance when the USA, UK, Singapore and Australia, which have very stringent food safety standards, found Maggi Noodles exported from India to be safe. It rests on the Government of India to take steps to have world-class testing facilities that will avert the possibility of unnecessary bans that only tarnish India's image, especially when our Prime Minister is going all over the world to attract foreign investment.
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Losing Face: Brand Image And Public Perception

A couple of weeks ago, we caught up over dinner at an Australian friend's place in Mumbai. Inevitably, the discussion veered to whether Indians were safe in Australia. About five years after the spate of attacks on Indian students, especially in Victoria, anxieties persist with regard to safety standards and whether there is an inherent animosity that many Australians feel towards Indians. The Australian case is an example of brand damage and a failed attempt at brand repair.