How To Reduce The Cost Of Education And Ease The Burden Of Student Loans

The New Education Policy (NEP) sets itself a grandiose objective of increasing public spending on education, from the current 3.5% of GDP to 6% of GDP. While this would be the best possible move, it may not be practical for a country like India. As a country, we can either wait for the 6% to happen or start giving out fiscal incentives so as to reduce the cost of education.

How To Make The Indian Education System Transparent, Easy And Devoid Of Fraud

How do you ensure that a student is not given a fake degree? How do you get any control on the number of students studying in any college or university? How do you make it possible for easy bank financing of education and educational institutes? How do you make it easy for educators and teachers to find good opportunities? How can we ensure that students’ degrees aren't held back by a college, which is against regulations? The possible answer to all these questions and more is to have a demat depository and registry of all institutions, educators, students and their credentials right from the 10th standard onwards.

5 Ways Of Reviving Engineering Education And Creating More Jobs For Engineers In India

The best year for engineers was the pass-out batch of 2006-07 (82% placed) exactly 10 years ago. This was the batch that got into colleges in 2003-2004. At that point, the number of seats offered for engineering was almost on par with aspirants looking for jobs. It was the year when the tech/software companies were flying high. As the engineering institutions tasted success, they started expanding.