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Dear JNU, When Will You Protest For Our Soldiers?

My father is a retired Subedar Major of the Indian Army. When he saw you shouting slogans in support of terrorists, he turned off the television and left the room. He didn't say anything. But I knew what he was thinking. You were making a complete mockery of our defence forces. He was ashamed to serve you. Now let me exercise my freedom of speech: your actions were nothing but shameful and disgraceful...
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What The Nation Expects From Senior Leaders Like Dr Manmohan Singh

I am sure if Dr. Singh would dispassionately analyse the present Government, he would really realize the India has a Government where the Prime Minister has the last word, where natural resources are allocated without corruption through transparent process, where industrialists no longer visit North Block to push files/decisions, where environmental clearances are dealt with in routine and not stalled on sadistic or corrupt considerations.

What Modi The Crusader Can Learn From Vajpayee The Philosopher

Mr Modi is at his best a crusader, and Atalji a philosopher, a Zen monk. As a crusader, Mr Modi has single-handedly fought against a nation-wide ostracisation campaign led by the media, intellectuals and politicians for almost a decade, for still-debatable, uncomfortable and hard-to-gloss-over reasons. But finally he rose like a phoenix, riding on the wave of development/Hindutva and made his way to 7 Race Course Road. But, the problem is that he is still in the crusader mode.