How India Stands To Win Big By Leapfrogging Into The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In January this year the major agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos was a discussion on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR). It is already underway in some advanced economies, and there are fears that it will be very disruptive and create huge unemployment. The Davos meeting was meant to discuss and allay these fears. However, I feel that the Fourth Industrial Revolution for developing countries can in fact produce more employment and benefits. Here is how.
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How Pranayam Benefits The Brain

Pranayam means control of pran or vital force. According to the sage Patanjali it means controlled breathing which includes deep inhaling, exhaling and retention of breath. Pranayam occupies a central position in the Indian yogic system. Modern medical science has shown unequivocally that Pranayam benefits both the mind and body.
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Why Fear Is The Root Cause Of India's Problems

My father, who went to jail for two-and-a-half years in 1942 for his role in the independence movement, told me that the greatest gift that Gandhiji gave to all Indians (besides independence) was to rid them of their fear of Englishmen. This removal of fear brought in a quantum jump in the mindset of Indians and made them aware that they could manage their own affairs with their own people.

How You Can Tell If Someone Has A Great Soul

I believe that presence or aura is a radiation of thought that a human being emits and is felt by everybody who encounters that person. A person's presence could either be evil, spiritual or simply pleasant and it is determined by the individual's thoughts, his/her mind.
Dr. Anil K. Rajvanshi

How Diesel Can Be An Excellent Household Fuel For Rural Areas

Diesel is normally used in automobiles, tractors and trucks and is considered a dirty fuel since these vehicles emit smoke and particulates. It has a bad rap. However, recent work done by the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), a rural NGO in Maharashtra, has shown that it can be an excellent and clean fuel for cooking and lighting in rural households when used in a newly invented device called the "Lanstove" (lantern plus stove).