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BJP's Bihar Debacle: It's Worse Than It Looks

The BJP's performance has been so dismal that it cannot even lay claim to its emergence as the "big boy" of Bihari politics. I say this for two purely data-driven reasons. First, the BJP is a far bigger loser than the overall numbers suggest. As expected, spokespersons tried to put up a brave face and suggested that the BJP has the biggest vote-share of 24.4% in this election. That type of shallow analysis may provide TV debating points but cannot hide the cruel data lurking beneath the surface.
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Why Bihar Verdict Matters For The Future Of India

The elections in Bihar witnessed unprecedented attempts by none other than the Prime Minister to polarise the entire country to win a state. Never before has a Prime Minister addressed 30 rallies for an election just in one state. Never before has a Prime Minister so unabashedly declared his intent to ensure the benefit of reservations do not reach "a particular community". Never before has positive affirmation been so negatively used.