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Why The Nagas Don't Like To Speak Of Delhi

As if referring to a delinquent relative, the people of the Konyak tribe of Nagaland rebuffed the very existence of Delhi. "Who? What? No we don't talk about that during the festival," said an elderly, dazzlingly bedecked woman. In the current climate, where a doomsday machine of counterfeit nationalism is being assembled by the central government, this attitude would normally call for expulsion of the largely Christian Nagas, but ironically this is exactly what the Nagas have been fighting for...
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4 Life Lessons From The Earth Element

Prithvi is the clay that shapes you and me. The clay that forms the substratum on which we build our homes, our lives. That on which we grow our food and that in which we bury our dead. That which makes the vessel from which we eat and that with which we build our hearths. Here are some qualities of earth that we should assimilate into our own lives.