The Ultimate Travel Playlist

Tickets, maps, cash - check. But aren't you forgetting the most important thing? Your travel playlist. No impending adventure can be complete without a set of songs to accompany every moment, irrespective of whether you're hitching it by plane, train or automobile.

8 Lessons Singing Taught Me

Why do I love singing so much? Why do I wrap up work and hurry every Thursday for choir practice? Why do I wake up early on a Sunday morning when I can catch up on some much needed sleep till noon, and go to Church in the evening instead? I love singing, no doubt. But why rang out the chorus.
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India's Unsung African Blood

Growing up in India, I never met or heard about Indians with African lineages. Then in 2005 I watched a dance performance by the Sidi Goma, a group of musicians from an African Indian community, and I was astonished and mesmerised. Since then I've discovered that India's African roots are much older than the Siddis, and are not only evident in numerous other communities, but percolate through direct descent in the blood of at least 600 million Indians.
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The New Wave

thanks to a vibrant independent music scene today--which includes an exciting roster of music festivals, and niche and intimate performance venues across metros--along with a 'digital-first' mindset in an age of declining album sales in physical form, the reach of singer-songwriters has multiplied.