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Remembering Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan, An Embodiment Of ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb'

A titan has left us. India's oldest performing musician, Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan, is no more. He passed away at the unbelievable age of 107. Ustadji, a descendant of Tansen, was born in Salon village, Rae Baraeli district, Uttar Pradesh. He was born in 1908, in a world so removed from ours that it is difficult to imagine what it must have been like. A world of British rule, feudalism and most importantly, a world where the true syncretic spirit of India still thrived.
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Facing The Music: Why More Young People Have ‘Old' Ears

Research over the past several years shows that courtesy our obsession with loud music, we are staring at a colossal surge in deafness and other hearing problems. Sometimes metaphors best drive home a point. Thus, telling a 25-year-old obsessed with loud music that they'll have "noise-induced hearing loss" is better expressed as, "You'll get the ears of a 75-year old."
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Colaba Says Cheers To Cuba!

When we first visit, it's just about three weeks old but gives you the feel of an old familiar. Like Cheers, the sitcom bar where everyone knows your name, Havana has a cosy, lived-in atmosphere. Perhaps it's because the space is filled with memories. After all, as a card-carrying member of Three Flights Up and a regular at Polly Esther's, the 70s themed club that followed in its wake, this has been our go-to place for fun for a long time.
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Stories Of Sisterhood: The Jugalbandi Of Lata And Asha

We want our stories to have a simple narrative - relationships easily resolved, and feelings that are either best described as abiding love or bitter enmity. But in the case of the Mangeshkar sisters, the truth is probably a little more complicated. They've squabbled, been bitter rivals, supported each other and been each other's best friend through an entire six decades lived in the limelight. And that's what makes their sisterhood so unique.
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Where's The Romance In Music Today?

In digital times, any ode to lustrous hair (zulfein), soulful eyes (ankhen), unique style (andaaz) pretty smile (muskurana) or alluring walk (chal) would perhaps invite ridicule. Is it any surprise, therefore, that far away from the sophistry of 'Kabhie Kabhie Mere Dil Mein' we have 'Sexy Dress Mein Bomb Lagdi Mainu' which is funky. But crass. Above all, it is impossible to sing along.