Mrs Funnybones


10 Guests I Want To See In The Bigg Boss House

It is almost that time of year again. Sweaters will leave their mothballed sanctuaries, children will start counting the days until Diwali, and once night has settled in, our living spaces will be taken over by all-new guests screaming, shouting, wheedling, singing, flirting, ranting, raving. And since they're safely trapped in the TV screen (and somewhere in Lonavala), the more drama they bring with them the better. So without further ado, here is my Bigg Boss wish list for this year.
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Take A Bow, Mrs Funnybones

Somewhere through the book you forget Mrs Funnybones (Twinkle Khanna) is a celebrity. She becomes so relatable that she could be anyone. She imparts certain life lessons and beliefs, although subtly and without being preachy. Not one to be diplomatic, she tells you exactly what she feels about the paparazzi clicking you unawares (when you aren't looking your best), Bollywood parties and even what she feels about her own name (which unfortunately rhymes with wrinkle). This isn't a spill-the-beans-on-Bollywood kind of book though, if you are looking for that.