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When The Mantra ‘Yes I Can’ Turns Bad

A babu favours a company that offers bribes because he thinks he can. A politician threatens, bribes, or convinces the authorities to make teachers give up their jeans because he thinks he can. A TV anchor shouts down every voice of sanity because he thinks he can. A manager in an office fudges sales figures, assuming that the loss could be compensated in the coming month and murmurs, “Yes, I can.”
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25 Things You Need To Start Doing After You Turn 25

For most of us, between the time we graduate from high school up until the time we hit 25, our lives seem to pass in a blur of exams, higher education, parties and trying to find a job that we don't absolutely hate. It's only when we hit 25 does the quarter-life crisis set in, and we start thinking: "What am I going to do with the rest of my life?" Here are some clues.

Yes You Can: An Antidote To The Naysayers

Have you ever heard someone say "Oh come on, anyone can do that. That isn't a big deal..."? We do something special and they remind us that we're ordinary. We try to rise, and they criticise us. We resolve to take a leap, and they try to stop us by reminding us that we'll fall.
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Why Didn't The Dog Move?

A friend of mine walked into my office one day and lamented that he couldn't go after what he wanted in his life because his hands were tied. And yet when he had to get his daughter into a particular school that he really wanted, he went all out, tried different methods, thought innovatively to make sure his girl did get admission in that school. I don't remember him giving up by saying "my hands are tied". He was relentless. So, what do you think is different?