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I Cannot Forgive You, Mom

You've always been mean to me, Mom. I vividly remember that day when I played so hard in the hot sun. I think I was about 7 years old. With love filled in my heart, I came running home to hug you, thinking you would serve me food. Instead, you snapped at me and told me to serve myself. I was so hurt, Mom.
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Mothers Are The Most Creative Beings On Earth

You are creating a human being--that is the greatest creation! A painter paints a picture; we call it great art. Picasso--we call him a great artist. But what about the mother who created Picasso? A poet writes beautiful poems, but what about the mother who created Shakespeare? We don't think about mothers as the greatest creative people on Earth.
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A Mother's Day Confession: I Didn't Make Sacrifices And I Don't Need Thanks

Hey there! Mom here. You are not surprised, right? Moms always love to send tons of words to their children--written, spoken, thought of, dreamt up, copied, heard, wise and more--yada yada and blah blah! But guess what, I am writing today because some words that came my way made me squirm a little. The ones that normally go around during Mother's Day season. Am I really that great? Such a gift to humankind?
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Second Mothers

My own mother was so busy working full-time and keeping house, she hardly had the luxury of a leisurely chat with me. Though she was a rock solid influence in shaping my health, conscience and general happiness, my emotional growth was pretty much dependant on my grandmothers, aunts, older cousins or sometimes even neighbours.