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In Pursuit Of The Moon

I have been chasing the moon for many months now. I am not sure when it started or how. Maybe it began on one of those nights when I was standing on my balcony after a long tiring day looking at the stream of planes take off and land or maybe on an evening while picking clothes off the clothes-line. It is also possible that I noticed it when it peeped inside my bedroom from the tiny window as I lay dead tired on my bed.
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How We Are Reaching For The Moon, Part 2

When you think about the scale of the ambitious Google Lunar XPrize mission and the task in hand it's intimidating. There are amazing natural wonders, valuable resources, and unsolved mysteries waiting to be discovered on the moon and it's our task to send HD visual content back to earth for everyone to enjoy by the end of 2016. Throughout these trials and tribulations, one thing is constant throughout: the importance of connectivity and communications.
Mr. Objective/Flickr

How We Are Reaching For The Moon

Just a few months ago, I listened intently as Freeman Dyson said, "If you want to have a programme for moving out into the universe, you have to think in centuries, not decades." A few months later, Team Indus was born and we dreamed of proving Dyson wrong, delivering best-in-class technology to defy odds. As part of the Google Lunar XPrize, we've launched a mission to safely land a spacecraft on the surface of the moon, and transmit HD video and images back to earth - all by December 2016!