Mohammad Akhlaq

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Murder Of Logic (And Rise Of Religious Totalitarianism) In My Backyard

I have read many news articles and opinion pieces reporting on the murder of 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq, all condemning in their tone -- who wouldn't be, hate crimes are, after all, offensive to the Indian Liberal's sensibilities -- but not one has tried to deeply question and/or understand the ideological problems with religious totalitarianism. Communal violence goes beyond criminal acts by individual or groups. And, even though this incident looks like a spontaneous act on the face of it, we have to ask, are there greater forces at play here?
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To Beef Or Not To Beef - My Sunday Afternoon Dilemma

'Nonsense!' exclaimed the wife. 'Stop exaggerating. There is no such thing as "Hindu extremism". It's really not even a religion; it's a philosophy-- a way of life. Our PM said so himself,' the wife asserted. 'You Adarsh liberals are always looking for a way to undermine the good work done by our Dear Leader. Painting stray instances of mob violence with a communal brush.'
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The Pink Revolution Turns Red

Modi maybe falling woefully short on meeting the dizzying commercial expectations of Goldman Sachs and Moody's, but he is doing extraordinary well in creating a Hindutva infrastructure to the delight of his RSS commanders and over-zealous right-wing propagandists. He is scoring an A; for an A+, perhaps more will be required. One shudders to even contemplate that.