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Filter Bubbles Are Shrinking Our Minds

In a Ted Talk, internet activist Eli Pariser demonstrated how the same search query can produce very different results for different individuals, based on their past online behaviour. As Pariser argues, these algorithms are playing the role of information gatekeepers. They shape, or reinforce, our world view based on what we want to see instead of what we would rather not see but may need to see.

What I Learned As A Representative Of India At WEF’s Global Shapers Meet

Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum invited 350 Global Shaper representatives to Geneva to share their perspectives on a range of global and local issues with senior representatives of international organizations, including the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. I was one of 20 Global Shaper representatives from India who attended the meeting.
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How To Get The Best Out Of Millennials At Work

Millennials (those individuals born between 1980 and the early 2000s) rank as the largest generation ever, and they are having a significant impact on the world around them -- not the least of which is how they will drastically change the composition of the workforce. By 2025, Millennials will make up over 50% of the global workforce and 70% of workers in India. But their view of the world is different from any previous generation and leaders need to understand the attitudes, beliefs and values that define this unique generation.
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Screw Geometry, Let's Teach Our Kids How To Count Their Money First

The moment I became financially independent, I started spending. Little did I know I had no training on how to spend. I think kids should be taught how to manage their finances in school! That should be the most important subject, not the Pythagorean theorem. It's like, "Hey kids, don't worry about your credit card bills as long as you know all about the complicated relationship between the sides of a triangle." I mean, what the actual f*ck!
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What The Millennials Around Me Think About Religion

I decided to do a survey on 51 of my friends, well friends and friends of friends (like I'd have 51 friends! Introvert. Hello?) about where they stand on the whole religion thing. The questions ranged from 'Are you religious?' to 'How religious are your parents?' to 'Will you raise your children to be religious?' and ended with their stance on the concept of god. The participants are all from India (except for one person, more on that later), from Hindu, Christian and Muslim families.
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I'm A Millennial Adult And I Can Never Be Poor Or Weak

When your bank asked to bump up the credit limit, like a horny teenager, you bent over and said YASSS! How are you going to pay that off now? Are you going to ask your mommy for money? Is your daddy going to come and rescue you? Nah ah! You, pumpkin, are an ADULT. Adults don't go crying to mommy and daddy. They might occasionally take a few bucks from their sister, stay in her apartment without paying rent, and eat her food, but parents? NO WAY!

Modi, Trump And The Millennial Dilemma

Indians and Americans have a lot in common. During every election, we are forced to either support a supposedly liberal, yet easily bought and manipulated political party or swear allegiance to the death eaters aka the right wing conservatives to worship their Voldemort.