The Subtle Politics Of Migration In South East Asia

The migrant arrives in his host country with hopes and dreams, often to be shattered due to the unfair information asymmetry between him and the recruiting ecosystem. The exploitation begins from his village, often perpetrated by family friends or distant relatives. The migrant is at the bottom rung of the social hierarchy in the host country. He is the 'subaltern' in this context.
Frank Waßerführer via Getty Images

The Price Of An NRI's ‘Privilege'

If I live in India again will I get it all back? Will it be the same as it was before? Even if I rediscover the ability to push my car through small spaces with a staid face, will I be able to erase the immutable changes my mind has undergone over the last one and a half decades and revert it to its pre-immigration state? Will I be at home or will I this time around look for home in American movies?