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Are Some Rights More Sacred Than Others?

Certain rights have always enjoyed a place of privilege at the cost of other rights. Here I refer to our collective conscience, which is outraged selectively. We feel more enraged by encroachments on our freedom of expression than by agricultural distress gripping large parts of the country. Another such instance could be identity politics which dwarfs questions of malnutrition, farmer suicides and poverty, to name only a few.
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The Return Of India Shining

On 16 May 2014, the stock markets caroused wildly, expecting an exhilarating acceleration on a glistening expressway as the harbingers of "acchhe din", the BJP and Narendra Modi, overwhelmed political adversaries. Two years later, the slippery Sensex has reached rock-bottom , even crashing below the much-maligned "dismal last two years of UPA".
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MGNREGA Is Not The Answer To Rural India's Woes. Here's What Is

Governments cannot be expected to provide ad hoc employment to millions of people until they retire, nor is such a policy beneficial for the larger economy and its productivity. What is a basic function of the Indian government, however, is providing the same people with the skills and education that they need to make themselves employable in the larger economy. India has fallen woefully short in this measure, and the spotlight being on MGNREGA hasn't helped at all.