Mental Health Stigma

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4 Common Childhood Issues That Could Send Ripples Into The Rest Of Their Lives

The mental health of adults is often rooted in the kind of childhood they led. There are many adults who suffer from psychological issues that stem from the treatment they received from their parents and peers. It can be devastating for a child to experience emotional trauma at a young age as they are very impressionable and their minds retain most of the information they receive at that time. Fortunately, with timely interventions the long-term damage can be minimized.

What Every Parent Should Understand About Childhood Depression

Parents often say, "I can't understand why my daughter/son is depressed. S/he has nothing to worry about. S/he is a smart girl/boy with lovely friends." Depression bewilders parents. It is difficult for us to accept that depression is outside of a person's control. But the bottom line is that depression is a physiological condition just like asthma or diabetes.
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What's Really Killing Indian Teens

Sometime in the last decade, there was a paradigm shift in what we know to be the biggest threats to our kids. If you're wondering how you missed it, it was released in late 2014 in a low-key World Health Organization report (and first reported by The Telegraph earlier this year). Which means that, while we have all been worried about junk food, drunk driving, and dengue, the biggest threats to Indian teens are teens themselves.