Alberto Ruggieri

Why Girls Are OK, But Women Are Not

It is easy enough to start calling a fireman a fire-fighter and a policeman a police officer but when I referred to the dictionary, I found that there is a long list of words just waiting to be stripped of “man” as a prefix or a suffix. However, what bothered me most was the word woman.
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Your Man Never Cooks? It's Probably Your Fault

Frankly, I don't blame men who can't differentiate cumin powder from coriander and don't know where the spoons are kept in the kitchen. I blame the women in their lives who insist on treating them like babies incapable of taking care of themselves. Why else would a wife who leaves for a month-long vacation at her parents' slog for weeks to cook and freeze meals for her dear husband?

It Takes A Really Small Man To Derive Pleasure From Jallikattu

They purposely disorient the bulls by force-feeding them alcohol; twist and bite their tails; stab and jab them with sickles, spears, knives and sticks; cause them intense pain by yanking their nose ropes; and punch, jump on and drag them to the ground. What is fair, let alone remotely masculine, about this deliberate weakening of animals? It's disgusting and shameful, not macho in the slightest.
The Guysexual

Dating In The Gay World: The 'Executive'

He recently got out of a relationship (that's a red flag.) and though it's only been two months, the ex-boyfriend and him talk from time to time (that's another red flag.). It's okay though, he says, as I frown in surprise - he's only asked me to sleep with him once ever since. (And another one.)

Love And Loathing: An Anthropological Study Of (Some) Straight White Men in Exotic Lands

The Scopophile is not a voyeur in the plainly sexual sense. He is a voyeur of cultures, a wannabe Indiana Jones, a scholar (sometimes a pseudo-scholar), adept at conversations on books, art, and film. He is an anthropologist, historian, linguist and very, very often, a doctoral student. He is also self-obsessed, somewhat agnostic, myopic, a misogynist unaware, and actively political. He is a straight white man from the suburbs who has spent between three months and a year in some non-Western part of the world... And he is a self-titled expert on that country.