Men And Women

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To Suggest Women Should Calibrate Ambition Is Sexist And Defeatist

I think men and women are different but I also believe that they both equally human and should be allowed the freedom to make their own choices and live their own paths without being encumbered by what society expects from them. As a feminist, I don't think men and women are the same but I do think they are equal as human beings and should be afforded the same chances and opportunities that equality offers.
Meriel Jane Waissman

Why We Need To Stop Telling Women They're Equal To Men

The biggest disservice we do to women is telling them that they are equal to men. We fail to prepare them for their reality and, by doing so, we set them up for a lifetime of struggle, disappointment and misery. This whole bringing-up-your-daughters-the-way-you'd-bring-up-your-sons business is nonsense. When did we decide that there is an ideal human being prototype and it's all male? Why is no one bringing up their sons like they'd bring up their daughters?