Member Of Parliament

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Why Working With A Parliamentarian Could Take Your Career To New Heights

The last one year of working with a parliamentarian -- Mrs. K. Kavitha, a young MP from the young state of Telangana -- has been a roller-coaster ride as well as an enlightening experience. From attending parliamentary meetings, to preparing notes for international conferences, to meeting people from villages and figuring out the best ways to address the problems that they voice. All of it comes with an exposure that is unmatched when compared to the usual corporate jobs.

No Work, No Pay For MPs? Will Government Show The Way?

When the Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation "suggested" that Parliamentarians should have their pay docked for disrupting Parliament, it received widespread media attention. But there is a larger question of double-speak here: If salaries or allowances of opposition Parliamentarians can be withheld for not productively contributing to Parliament, then should not the same principle be applied to ministers of the Cabinet?

Tharoor's Oxford Address Was Brilliant, But What Next?

Shashi Tharoor is no stranger to controversy and has been dogged by scandals of various hues, but at this juncture I think he deserves to be celebrated as a modern citizen of the much-touted "Modern India". He is the kind of outspoken Indian citizen that so many of us desperately aspire to see more of, more often. Especially within the political ranks of the country.