Not Business As Usual: Feeling The Reverberations Of The Kunduz Hospital Bombing

I have, till now believed that working with MSF means protection and immunity in conflict zones since we save lives, work in hospitals, and have no relation to anyone who may be party to the conflict. However, life shakes the ground beneath your feet every now and then. On 3 October last year, the Kunduz trauma centre was bombed in spite of repeated calls made to the concerned authorities to stop. The bombing did finally halt, but the aftermath left us devastated. We lost 42 patients and staff.
Mint Images - Frans Lanting via Getty Images

Why Healthcare Must Remain A Priority For New Sustainable Development Goals To Work

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals, which will be rolled out in 2016 over the following 15 years worldwide -- at least on paper -- do include one health goal and a number of targets. However with so many other priorities (climate change, peace and security, water, and many more), something has to give. Recent trends and postulating by key international donors indicate a push back to the paradigm of the 1980s, when the major concern about health was associated with "how much it cost" and not the cost of suffering to people...

Attention, World: The Ebola Fight Isn't Over

Ebola may have faded from the headlines, but it hasn't gone away. We don't know how far away the finish line is, but we do know that to reach it, everyone involved in the response - both national and international - needs to channel all their energies into keeping up the momentum.